Sea glass - Driftwood

   This page is about another love of mine, the sea findings !! As it is very difficult for me to make long posts or even worse create another blog besides scrapbooking, I'll put in this page some photos from my sea glass and driftwood findings and some handicrafts I made with them. Feel free to make a comment, ask questions or tell me if you are a sea scavenger like me and if you have a blog or pinterest board about it ! You can visit my pinterest board here.
Basket made of driftwood and filled with shells and sea urchins I collected after lots of hours searching the sea with my mask. ( Lihades Islands )

Strange root knot found at the beach of  Kenourgio near Kamena Vourla, thought it would be a nice decoration for my garden!
A wire tree I made with white beads and glued it on a driftwood that had an interesting shape. I also glued little white stones ( not found, I bought them from a craft store) to make it look more natural.
I made this mask with art plaster, painted it with Eberhard Faber granit farbe and glued some driftwoods and shells .. the though was to look like Medusa , well anyway I did my best !!!

Some purple sea urchins and echinoderms I collected from the sandy sea bottom of Lihades Islands of north Euboea.

A purple sea glass found at a beach in the heart of my hometown Chalkida, purple is very rare ... I was reaaaally lucky to find this one !!

A sailing boat from driftwood.

My first blue sea glass ever, after A LOT of green and browns !! A small pleasure of life !! - Found at a small beach in #Chalkida city. 


Bottle and candle jar filled with sea glass to decorate my veranda



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